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"Wood floors are my passion." ~ owner, D. C. Hardwood Flooring

We specialize in the the authentic Glitsa Swedish finish - the most durable on the market today. We don't do those cheap imitations that many other flooring companies have started doing of putting poly or waterbase over the Baca (1st step of the Swedish application) and calling it Swedish.
It will not last nearly as long as the authentic Swedish finish done properly, which requires professional training to apply and for which we do not charge any extra for.
Why not get the most for your money and the time you will have to be out of your home?

We also do:
- Installation, resanding, refinishing
- Oil base polyurethane & water base finishes
- Tile installation
- Remove and replace base
- Install and finish stairs with risers and curved headers
- Custom stains, inlays, borders & feature strips
- Perform some minimal carpentry work which can be discussed when we do your bid.
- Create custom reducers to tile, vinyl, carpeting & marble
- Perform trim work and carpet tucks
- Repair water-damaged floors, finger into existing floors
- Install pre-finished and floating floor systems
- Tape and Tarp to help control dust
- Remove particle board, old tile, carpeting etc.

Serving Boulder CO, Cheyenne WY, Laramie Wy, Fort Collins CO, Greeley CO, Estes Park CO, Broomfield CO, Longmont and Loveland CO areas.

Specials: We will MATCH ANY BID.

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