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Custom Designs and Carpentry

"I can't say enough good things about DC Hardwood Flooring. They have installed wood flooring on the entire second floor of my home. They have also performed wood floor sanding on my home and one of my rental properties. Their work is outstanding. Excellent installations and sanding. They leave the work area clean and their cost is very reasonable. I even had them install a new hardwood railing in my kitchen to replace the wrought iron railing that had been there since the house was built. The new railing is a piece of art, a simple but appealing design based on my feedback. They also replaced my old hollow core doors on my second floor with new oak doors, door knob hardware, and floor moulding. Go no further than DC Hardwood flooring for hardwood floor installation, flooring, and other needs!" Bruce Kirschner

Custom Stain

Nowadays, it’s easy for houses to look like cookie cutter duplicates of each other. If you have been in your house for some time, it may feel a bit outdated. Or, if you’re ready to sell, it’s important for buyers to feel inspired. Whatever the situation, your home should be a full expression of who you are. It should make you happy and bring you joy. Custom stain colors, patterns and inlays let homeowners get creative. Custom design brings artistry, vision, and personal tastes to life. 

It is our pleasure to creatively collaborate with clients who wish to make a unique statement in their homes. Exceptional flooring design is both art and science. We have created all kinds of unique flooring stain designs. Some are quite dramatic such as a funky purple checkerboard, Buddha footprints on a staircase, and a fairy tale-inspired yellow brick road. While others are much more subtle and nuanced. Custom stain designs don’t have to cover the entire floor. They can be used as accents or to highlight a certain feature of your home. 

Whatever you can imagine, we can make it happen—beautiful, fabulous, and exceptional. For more ideas and inspiration, please see our gallery

Inlays, Borders & Other Designs
  • Inlays, medallions, borders, feature strips, and plank patterns are other ways we can add decorative design features to hardwood floors to increase visual interest, style, and personalization. With over 30 years in the trade, we have honed the artistic vision and craftsmanship necessary to create unique and stylish in-floor designs that reflect our customers’ personal taste and preferences.

  • All decorative designs are integrated directly into the hardwood flooring during installation. They are typically created by using different wood species, other materials like stone, complementary or contrasting stains, or different plank layout directions—for example, herringbone or parquet. They range from quite intricate to very simple—for example, a border around the perimeter of a room or an accent used to break up large areas of flooring and add visual interest to long hallways. 

  • For more examples, please see our gallery

Custom Carpentry

Our custom carpentry services include a wide range of services, from refacing cabinets and building window seats to hanging new doors, retrimming windows, and fabricating fireplace mantels. In certain cases, we refinished antique furniture for our customers who live in historic homes—reminiscent of when “DC” Dave first got interested in wood working, watching his mother do the same. Please see our gallery for ideas and examples of our custom carpentry and remodeling projects. 

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