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Tile floor with lights embedded


We install tile with the same diligence and meticulous attention to detail as we do hardwood floors.

We take the time to prepare the surface, measure and plan carefully, use high-quality materials and tools, and pay close attention to every step of the process.


We work with tile of every shape, size and variety—porcelain, ceramic, marble, Saltillo, slate, travertine. We install tile in entryways, foyers, laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and sunrooms. We install tile backslashes, fireplace hearths and surrounds, and as accent inlays in flooring. While subway and brick set are popular, we also install tile in basket weave, chevrons, herringbone, and oak grid tile patterns. 


Our tiling services include:  

  • Prep: We clean the area, remove old tile or flooring, and level the surface.

  • Measuring and Planning: Accurate measurement and planning is crucial to ensure that the tile is installed correctly. We take precise measurements and create a detailed plan for the installation.

  • Cutting: We will cut the tiles to the appropriate size and shape as needed for the shape of the room, tile size and layout pattern. 

  • Setting: Using high-quality mortar or adhesive we set tiles, paying close attention to spacing and alignment to ensure that the finished floor looks and feels great.

  • Grouting: After the tiles have been set, we grout taking care to apply the grout evenly and ensure that it is properly seated between the tiles.

  • Finishing: Once the grout has dried, we clean the surface and sealer to protect the tile and grout to make it easier to clean.

Tile installation
Mosaic floor meets hardwood
Backsplash behind vent
Tile corner joining
Impressionistic tile in laundry room
stacked stone tile around fireplace
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