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Floor Installation

In our experience, installation of new hardwood flooring typically occurs in three different scenarios: 

  1. A completely new installation—such as with a new home build or when replacing existing flooring material, like carpet or vinyl. 

  2. An extension—when there is existing hardwood flooring that customers wish to extend into other areas or rooms in their homes. 

  3. A partial installation—when there is damage to repair or gaps to fill due to extensive remodeling such as moving walls or kitchen islands which require patch work. 

When we do a completely new installation, it is much like starting with a clean slate. If you have existing hardwood flooring that we are extending, we finger in new boards so there is no discernable transition between “old” and “new” planks for a unified, seamless look. The same is true if we are repairing water-damaged floors or addressing major remodeling gaps – we lace in replacement patches to match existing floors. Then, depending on the type of hardwood flooring and subfloor, and whether you have radiant heating, we will meticulously nail or glue it securely in place to ensure no squeaks, loose boards or uneven surfaces. 

Floor installation

In the case of pre-finished floating floor systems, will install specialized underlayment and will “click” the floors into place. In all cases, planks must be cut, fitted, and fastened with precision and skill to create a seamless and uniform appearance.


At this stage, we can also create custom inlays, borders and feature strips to heighten design features in your floor.  We install flush mount vents or cut them into existing floors. And we craft custom reducers for where hardwood flooring meets tile, vinyl or carpeting.

After sanding, staining, and refinishing, the last step is to replace the pre-existing base which we removed during site prep, or to install new baseboard trim if preferred. We also make any necessary carpet tucks for smooth transitions between flooring materials. Then, we remove any tape and tarps, complete a thorough vacuum of the entire job site, and make your home ready for you to enjoy. Together, we do a final walk-through to make sure all aspects of the job have been completed to your satisfaction. Lastly, we’ll give you written Care and Cleaning instructions.

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