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oak hardwood after refinishing with glitsa


Protect your investment with quality hardwood finishes

"After 27 years of busy family life, our oak floors were in desperate need of repair. Due to the excellent online reviews, we chose DC Hardwood Flooring for the job, and we have been extremely pleased! Dave was professional, accommodating, and highly skilled. He helped us choose the perfect stain and finish for our needs. The results are truly spectacular! The outcome was so transformative that a friend thought we had remodeled the whole area. Thank you, Dave!! We highly recommend DC Hardwood Flooring for outstanding craftsmanship and beautiful results!"

Veronica Bierbaum

Hardwood flooring is an investment that lends beauty and value to any space. The finish applied will not only protect your flooring, but it also has a huge bearing on the durability, longevity, richness, color and depth of clarity of the final look of your new or refinished floors. The best type of finish for your floor depends on personal preference, the amount of foot and pet traffic, aesthetics, and the maintenance you are willing to undertake. We finish all our hardwood floors with multiple coats of finish for lasting protection.  

In addition, the finish sheen you choose for your hardwood floors will determine the look and feel that best complements your home’s style and decor. Sheen is the level of luster of the floor determined by how much light is reflected off the floor from a 60-degree angle using a gloss meter. The degree of sheen is affected by the species of hardwood and the type of finish used. All our finishes come in Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin and Matte.

Comparison of Finishes

We use Bona® water-based finish and specialize in authentic Glitsa® Swedish finish. Each has distinctive differences. We will talk with you about the pros and cons of each type of finish given your personal situation. And we highly encourage our clients to do their own research before choosing a finish.


Bona® is a well-known single-component water-based finish. 

  • Bona® water-based finishes are known for their clarity and low VOC emissions. 

  • They dry quickly, have low odor, and provide a protective layer that resists wear and tear, scratches, and stains. 

  • Bona® water-based finish is a great choice for those looking for a durable, low-VOC, and eco-friendly finish for their hardwood floors. 

  • That said, water-based finishes are not as durable over time and may require more frequent reapplication—typically every 3 to 4 years, depending on traffic. 

  • And unlike Glitsa® Swedish finish, they will not enhance the natural grain of hardwood to the same degree because they tend to have a milkier appearance. 

Glitsa® Swedish finish is the premier, two-component acid-cured system available on the market today and the top choice of discriminating hardwood craftsmen.

  • Glitsa® Swedish finish is the most durable finish available—it can withstand heavy traffic and wear and tear, including from pets. 

  • It dries quickly allowing for multiple coats to be applied, saving time and labor costs.  

  • It offers some UV protection which can help forestall fading or yellowing due to exposure to sunlight. 

  • Glitsa® Swedish finish is easy to maintain and the finish can be recoated without having to sand the entire floor. 

  • It has unmatched richness and a stunning depth of clarity that brings out the natural color of wood enabling you to clearly see the natural grain definition of your hardwood floor.

  • That said, Glitsa® Swedish finish is for professional use only as it needs to be handled and carefully applied by trained flooring technicians with a great deal of skill and knowledge to use it safely and effectively. 

  • It emits strong fumes and an unmistakable odor during application, requiring proper ventilation and protective equipment while applying. Glitsa® lab instrumentation has measured that 95%-99% of the solvents evaporate within 24 hours, depending on climate and humidity. However, homeowners and pets must be out of the home for at least three days during application.

Glitsa wood floor finish compared to water-based finish
Note the richer color depth of Glitsa. 
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