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Stain Colors

We use Minwax® penetrating wood stains, America’s #1 selling interior stain. We use these stains because they are readily available, have great depth of color, and work extremely well with the water-based and Swedish finishes we use. Recently reformulated to lower VOCs, Minwax® stains typically dry in about two hours. Minwax® offers a wide range of colors to choose from, including tried-and-true favorites and bolder options. But if none of their stock, out-of-the-can colors are exactly to your liking, we’re happy to create a semi-custom color just for you—whether you're looking for a classic, traditional look or a modern, edgy vibe. 

  • Early American is a warm, medium brown color that gives a classic look to wood.

  • Dark Walnut is a rich, deep brown that gives a dramatic and elegant look to wood flooring.

  • Ebony is a very dark, almost black color ideal for creating a modern or sophisticated look.

  • Golden Oak is a light to medium brown with warm undertones that give a natural, more rustic look.

  • Red Mahogany is a deep red-brown that imbues a traditional, luxurious look to wood.

  • Jacobean is a dark brown with cool undertones that creates a modern, edgy look to hardwood flooring.

  • Provincial is a warm brown color with orange undertones that gives off a cozy, inviting look.

  • Weathered Oak’s light grayish-brown tint produces a rustic, weathered look on hardwood floors.

  • Special Walnut is a medium brown with golden undertones that creates a warm, inviting look.

  • Classic Gray is a light gray that gives a modern, minimalist look to wood floors.

  • White is a light, cool-toned stain that creates a whitewashed effect on wood, ideal for creating a beachy or coastal look. 

  • Espresso is a rich, dark brown color that adds depth and warmth to wood, perfect for achieving a traditional or rustic appearance.

  • Natural is a transparent, light brown that enhances the natural beauty of wood by allowing the grain to show through while adding a subtle warmth, creating a classic, timeless look. 

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