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Unless it’s a pre-finished floor, our next step is to sand the floor. It takes a lot of training and years of experience to expertly sand or refinish a new or existing floor, along with skillful use of specialized tools and techniques. 

scratched before refinishing cropped - C
scratched after refinishing - Copy_edite

We first cross-cut all hardwood floors at an angle to make sure the floor is completely flat, eliminating any subtle waves or rolls in the surface appearance. Then we final sand with the appropriate grit sandpaper for the stain or finish that will be applied. We edge the perimeter and hand-scrape corners as necessary to make sure there are no unwanted residual marks that would be magnified once stain and finish are applied. Sanding technique, specialized equipment, and prior preparation with taping and plastic tarping minimizes and controls dust. Finally, we fill all nail holes, knot holes and gaps between boards.

When we’re done, we have smoothed out imperfections, removed scratches and discolorations, and are ready to apply the right finish to protect and enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

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