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Hardwood Floor Site Preparation

Before we arrive at your home to begin work, there are, of course, a few things homeowners need to do to get ready. Once on site, all new installations—whether full house projects or adding additional hardwood flooring—begin with prep and demo. First, we hang plastic and tape off areas of your home to control dust. Then we carefully remove any existing flooring material, whether it’s tile, carpet, vinyl or laminate. We also remove and number any baseboard trim for re-installation after the new floors are finished, or we can procure and install new base trim if you prefer. 

DC masking a floor

Next, we inspect and prepare the subfloor. Plywood and OSB are screwed down to eliminate squeaks, gaps are filled, vapor barriers are put down over crawlspaces, and concrete slabs are leveled. As needed, we will assess any damage and determine if areas of the subfloor need to be replaced. Even if there is no damage, in cases when walls or cabinets were relocated during remodeling, subfloor preparation is critical to the final appearance, integrity, and durability of your hardwood flooring.

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