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Flooring story: Beneath the Boards

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

All my customers have a flooring story. It’s one of the things that makes my job so interesting. There is one story in particular that really touched me. In the 30 years that I’ve been doing hardwood flooring and custom carpentry, this one truly moved me. This flooring story permanently blessed my customer’s home and is a memory I will never forget.

The first day I worked for this family, I pulled up carpeting, like I often do in preparation to install new hardwood flooring. I also carefully removed and numbered their base trim so it could be reinstalled after the new hardwood flooring was installed, sanded, stained, and finished. Because there were a lot of rooms to be done, there was a lot of prep work.

When I came back the next morning to begin installation, I was greeted by their story. I actually walked right on top of it. It wrapped me in their love for each other and warmed my heart. It was joyful, heart-felt and uniquely theirs.

They had written in crayon on the sub-floor. They had penned beautiful messages of love, hope and dreams—to each other, and to me. Their whole family participated—mom, dad, and the kids. Even the littlest pea who could barely write his letters, wrote my name (well close to it, PC Dave instead of DC Dave).

Message in front entryway

Mom’s message at her daughter’s bedroom doorway

Little boy’s message to me–“PD” Dave

Family’s message to me

I always feel grateful and privileged to work in people’s homes—to bring the beauty of hardwood into their personal spaces. Because of that, I put a lot of hard work, effort, and attention to detail into what I do. I am driven to please my customers. I want nothing more than for them to be satisfied with my work.

On that day, my job which was only partly done, was far beyond satisfying.

Their flooring story, beneath the floorboards—a tribute of love, caring and kindness—lives on forever. In their home. In their hearts. And in mine.

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