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Guest Blog: Top Notch Tile Backsplash Installation

Call it what you will—a masterpiece, a labor of love, a magazine-worthy kitchen transformation. But, no matter how you describe it, the precise, intricate and beautiful tile backsplash installation that David Creapeau, owner of DC Hardwood Flooring, completed for me is absolutely stunning.

In case you’re thinking— “Huh? A guy whose passion is hardwood flooring does exquisite tile installation?” Spoiler alert, yup, without question!

Sure, tile and backsplash installation is described as a bit of an afterthought on his website. Along with other services like replacing base trim and window casings, updating stairway balusters and handrails, refacing or remaking cabinet doors, hanging new doors, and performing other custom carpentry work and remodeling.

However, the same meticulous craftsmanship, artistry, and masterful construction prowess Dave commits to his hardwood flooring is evident in his tile installation workmanship.

How do I know? I’ve had the pleasure of hiring him to install hardwood flooring in my home 3 times! Including my staircase.

There are some simple backsplash tile jobs that you might contemplate doing yourself. And you’d probably be pretty successful. But, the Spanish porcelain tile I chose has 8 different designs on it which I wanted randomized. Plus, I wanted it laid in a herringbone pattern. Then, there are multiple outlets to contend with, and apparently my new quartz countertops on either side of the stove aren’t exactly level. That combination is enough to put anyone over the edge.

Herringbone corner wrap matching the tile designs

Nonetheless, Dave persisted. With painstaking attention to horizontal, vertical, and diagonal measurements along with precise speed square angles, his grout lines are tight, even, and perfectly spaced.

The result is spectacular. My entire kitchen is transformed. It looks like it comes right out of an HGTV episode or Magnolia Home magazine, thanks to the new tile backsplash.



I have always had high regard for Dave’s skill, creative problem-solving, and construction talent. Now, I simply believe there is nothing DC Hardwood Flooring can’t do when it comes to home renovation projects.

Bravo Dave! You are the the virtuoso of hardwood flooring and the maestro of tile backsplash installation.
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