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Get a personalized look with custom staining. 

Not everyone wants their floors to be stained; some prefer a natural look. But if you would like your floor to be stained, we apply multiple, large format stain samples directly on your floor, so you can really see how each option would look at scale, in your house, with your lighting. Our large format floor stain samples provide an accurate, realistic, and convenient way to choose the right stain color for your space.

We apply stain in standard colors, or we can bring your wildest ideas to life.

  • Large format floor stain samples more accurately represent how the stain will look on a full-size floor. Small samples can be misleading as they may not show the true color or depth of the stain.

  • They allow you to see the stain in the context of the room or space it will be used in. This can help you visualize how the stain will look with other design elements in the room.

  • With large format floor stain samples, it's easier to compare different stains side by side. This can help you make an informed decision about which stain will work best for your space.

  • They cover a larger area meaning you don't have to use as many samples to get a good idea of how the stain will look.



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If an out-of-the-can stain color isn’t exactly what you want, we will be happy to create a custom stain color just for you. Custom stain colors allow you to create a unique look that reflects your personal style and taste. We can create a color that perfectly matches your existing decor or create a new look that sets your space apart from others. With custom stain colors, we can achieve a look that enhances the natural beauty of the species, grade and cut of the wood being installed. Whether you want a dark, rich color or a light, airy hue, our custom stains can help you achieve the exact look you want. 

Many flooring companies advise against staining floors because it is incredibly unforgiving if the installation and sanding have not been done to the highest quality standards—staining will show every flaw. But we love to stain! A custom stain design can give your floor a personal look nobody else will have. And they don’t have to cover the entire floor—they can be used as accents or highlights to certain features of your house. Whether it’s a single stain color, checkerboard design, or even a yellow-brick road stain inlay, we hand-rub every floor. 


Staining a hardwood floor by hand-rubbing results in a more even and consistent application. Hand-rubbing allows us to work the stain into the wood more thoroughly, ensuring that the color is applied evenly and penetrates deeply into the wood grain. Additionally, by hand-rubbing, we can control the amount of stain being applied and are able blend the stain more effectively, creating a more harmonious look. Hand-rubbing is less likely to leave lap marks, streaks, or other application flaws that are more common with machine application. 

Check out more information on our stain colors and our gallery for one-of-a-kind custom stain colors, designs, and patterns.

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