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2 Recent Custom Staircase Projects

Custom Red Oak Staircase

Staircase Before

Staircase After

Five posts were wrapped with solid red oak

This project was a little outside the realm of what we generally do as a flooring company. But it was a very fun project to do. Everything you see in the picture that was painted white was removed and replaced with solid red oak.The only thing that wasn’t removed was five posts that were supporting the upstairs floor. Those five posts were wrapped with solid red oak. All the oak was finished By DC Hardwood Flooring with three coatsof clear spray lacquer. The painted white balusters were replaced with rod iron. Wow what a difference!

Old School Craftsmanship With Beautiful Results

Gluing 1 inch strips of Red Oak

Completed steps before installation

Completed Red Oak Stairs with Shaped steps

Completed Red Oak Stairs

Not too often but every once in a while a project comes along that is not only fun, but challenging.

Here in the picture as you can see that these steps are solid 1-inch red oak glued together in strips to the contour of the staircase where they were going to be installed. Let me tell you I almost used a full gallon of glue for this project.

This method of gluing up wood was taught to me way way back in junior high when I took woodshop in school. One of the things that I like about working with wood is that the methods have not changed through the years. Old school still applies. It was a treat to do.

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