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Borders, Feature Strips and Medallion Floor Designs

Inlays, borders, feature strips, medallions and plank patterns add decorative design features to hardwood floors. They add visual interest, style, and personalization. With over 30-years in the trade, we have the artistic vision and craftsmanship necessary to create unique and stylish in-floor designs.

All decorative designs are integrated directly into the hardwood flooring during installation. These features can really add a unique and elegant look to a dining room, entry way, kitchen, or any room. We typically create these designs by using different wood species, complementary or contrasting stains, or different plank layout directions—for example, herringbone or parquet. They can be intricate or very simple—for example, a border around the perimeter of a room or an accent used to break up large areas of flooring.

What really adds a nice accent to any hardwood floor is to use a dark walnut or cherry feature strip. Or if you have a dark stained floor, a light birch or maple feature strip. A feature strip can be used to draw attention to a border like in the photo below.

Walnut feature strips around a room with a border are popular.

Custom border using two different types of wood for a stunning effect.

Medallions look beautiful in an entry way or hallway.

These small design add-ins are a great way to personalize your space and add value to your home.

DC Dave

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