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Hand Scraped Floors

Hand-scraped flooring was a fad for a while. It gives the floor a very old, weathered, rustic look. But eventually, like all floors over time, there is too much wear and tear. Unfortunately, a hand-scraped floor can never be re-sanded.

Just because a certain type of flooring is available does not mean it is necessary good to use in certain climates or applications. For instance, this week I was asked by a customer to look at their hand-scraped floor because they wanted some boards removed and to have it refinished. While hand-scraped floors were all the rage a few years back and they look cool, they cannot be re-sanded without destroying that hand-scraped look. Not only that, but I had to tell my customer not to get their hopes up about replacing boards because it is nearly impossible to get replacement hand-scraped flooring to match her existing floor.

If you are thinking about any kind of exotic wood or unusual version of flooring, it is best to run your ideas passed a hardwood flooring professional first so they can tell you all the pros and cons before you spend thousands of dollars on a floor only to be disappointed with it in a few years.

DC Dave

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