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Staining Hardwood Floors with Flair

Want to make a statement? Feel like getting creative with your floor? How about staining your hardwood floor in a checkerboard pattern? Staining a hardwood floor in a checkerboard pattern is a lot of fun. We installed and stained this floor awhile back. We call it “Purple Haze,” inspired by the late great Jimi Hendrix. After it was finished, the homeowner did indeed place a Jimi Hendrix poster on the wall—a nice touch to complete the room.

Custom stained checkerboard hardwood floor Custom stained checkerboard hardwood floor in Lafayette CO
Custom stained checkerboard hardwood floor in Lafayette CO

As you can see, the stain colors on this floor are not colors you can simply pick up at your local paint store. These colors were custom created. To do this floor we laid it out as if laying out tile. We created a center point in the middle of the room, which, as you can see in the photo, makes the checkerboard squares hit the walls equally all around the room.

Once laid out, it is time to stain. This is where the fun begins. Your color options are limitless. A couple of things to think about…do you want the two colors to be complementary or would you prefer them to be contrasting? If you are worried, I promise, I have never stained a floor an ugly color yet. Whatever colors you choose, just make sure you like them! You can also just use one color and have the opposite square be natural.

If the idea of “custom” colors is a little scary, no worries. We can use stock colors right out-of-the-can or we can mix two stock colors together to create a semi-custom color. Whatever you decide, it is going to look awesome!

One of the things people ask me is how do I keep each color from bleeding over into the other? Sorry, but that is a secret!

DC Dave

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