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The Benefits of Hardwood over Carpeting

Of course, we’re biased. We install, sand, stain and finish new and existing hardwood floors. But that doesn’t mean we’re wrong. Other experts agree. Interior designers, real estate professionals, even some health care professionals.

Hardwood flooring:

  • Is easy to keep clean and maintain.

  • Has lowers allergens—important for people who have asthma, sinus or breathing difficulties or allergies.

  • Feels cozy. It adds a warmth and elegance to a home.

  • Is durable: Hardwood floors will last the lifetime of the house if taken care of correctly.

  • Holds up well to pets and high traffic better than carpeting.

  • Adds resale value to a home where carpeting does not.

  • Can usually be brought back to life with a simple re-sand or recoat rather than needing to be replaced.

  • Is more economical over the lifetime of the home. See our blog comparing the cost of carpeting vs hardwood.

Of course, it’s not necessarily and either/or proposition. Many homes have a combination of hardwood flooring and carpeting. But if you ask us, we vote for hardwood flooring every time.

DC Dave

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